The Word That Ignites a Fire

By: Rev. Yeri Nieto Luke 24:13-35 Two of Jesus' disciples, instead of staying in Jerusalem, had decided to drift away from the community. It was the most logical thing for them, because when sadness encompasses your whole soul, you don't have many options. Typically, you flee the place that causes you pain. And their pain... Continue Reading →

Praying Psalms in the Midst of War

By: Scott Armstrong It’s been hard to pray recently. If you’re like me, I’ve been consumed by the news coming from Russia and Ukraine. My feelings range from shock to grief to anger. Every day I check updates from our friends and fellow Christians in Ukraine and send them words of encouragement.* They are overwhelmed,... Continue Reading →

Missionary Intercessory Prayers

Many readers know that a retired Nazarene from Kansas named Cathy Spangler has been a part of our prayer team for many years. She weekly writes out prayers that we translate and send out to missionaries and other leaders. These prayers are based in Scripture, and have been thoughtful and life-giving during challenging periods of... Continue Reading →

Revived by the Word

Freya Galindo Guevara Over the course of our lives, we have all had to go through various situations that have left us feeling discouraged or defeated.  They made us feel beaten down, afflicted or worried.  Maybe we felt weakened, powerless, or like we had lost all our energy.  Many times instead of drawing close to... Continue Reading →

Opening the Bible by Thomas Merton

I recently had the privilege of reading a wonderful little book, called Opening the Bible, written by the renowned Trappist monk, Thomas Merton.  His thoughts on reading the Scriptures were written decades ago but remain poignant and relevant as much today as in his time. Just to offer a taste, I will share three quotes. First,... Continue Reading →

Third Wave: Running the Race

Hundreds of teens and youth leaders from around the world are traveling today to the Third Wave youth conference that will be held in Hyderabad, India.  This initiative is one of the most significant events that the Church of the Nazarene holds every 3-4 years in order to raise up and equip emerging youth leaders. ... Continue Reading →


By Frederick Buechner FIRE HAS NO SHAPE OR SUBSTANCE. You can't taste it or smell it or hear it. You can't touch it except at great risk. You can't weigh it or measure it or examine it with instruments. You can never grasp it in its fullness because it never stands still. Yet there is... Continue Reading →

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