Glorification: The Overlooked Doctrine?

By: Dr. Clark Armstrong One idea stands prominent to describe Christ’s Transfiguration; in Greek, it is the doxa or glory of God (glorify, glorious, glorification). The most overlooked, underemphasized, least preached, and most taken-for-granted doctrine in the ordo salutis is by far the doctrine of glorification.[1] Yet the ordo salutis makes it the final and... Continue Reading →

Be “Being” Filled

By: Dr. Clark Armstrong When I was nine years old, a tornado came to our town. I think of that anytime I hear the phrase “a mighty rushing wind,” as in the scriptural account of Pentecost. Pentecost was when the Holy Spirit of God was poured out upon the 120 believers gathered in the Upper... Continue Reading →

Puerto Rico District Hosts Encuentro 2022

By: Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica Region The Western Puerto Rico District held Encuentro 2022 with about 100 Puerto Rico residents and 276 people of all ages from other areas of the United States. Encuentro is a ministry that provides opportunities for individuals and groups in the USA/Canada region to share the gospel message both... Continue Reading →

Prayers that Changed the World: The “Serenity Prayer” by Reinhold Niehbur

 By. Lemuel Sandoval Reinhold Niehbur was an American pastor who lived between 1892 and 1971. His Christian convictions led him to participate in sociology and politics. His influence was so widespread that he is considered one of America's greatest political philosophers both inside and outside the church.[1] Yet, perhaps the best-known contribution of his around... Continue Reading →

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