Poland: The White Eagles

By: Carlos Castro Poland reached the World Cup with some luck when they breezed through a round due to Russia's disqualification, but that shouldn’t overshadow their high quality of play. Robert Lewandowski is an example of the team’s vigor: top scorer of his national team, voted by FIFA as the best player in the world... Continue Reading →

The Netherlands: The Clockwork Orange

By: Wenses Salomón Pool Albornoz The Netherlands has participated in the World Cup ten times, finishing runner-up three times: in 1974, 1978 and 2010, and as semifinalists twice: in 1998 and 2014. They’ve also competed ten times in the European Championship, winning gold in 1988. The Dutch national soccer team is one of the most... Continue Reading →

Ecuador: La Tri

By: Kaminie Ellie The game of football was first introduced to Ecuador by Juan Alfredo Wright. In 1899, Juan Alfredo and his brother, Roberto, founded the first official football team, which paved the way for Ecuador to establish their national football team. The Ecuador national football team has made an appearance in the FIFA World... Continue Reading →

Qatar: The Burgundy

By: Carlos Castro The team known for their burgundy jersey will make their World Cup debut in their own home! Although Qatar automatically qualified as the organizer of the event, its participation in recent tournaments and its excellent results are worth noting. The team was proclaimed champion of the 2019 Asian Cup, the same year... Continue Reading →

Senegal: The Lions of Teranga

By: Carlos Castro The Senegalese team entered the world scene in 2002, when they reached the quarterfinals at the World Cup in Korea. Since then, its players have earned their place in the most renowned clubs in Europe and around the world. Today they come together to encourage the hearts of their people and give... Continue Reading →

Maximum Mission: RENEWED Takes Place in the Dominican Republic

On October 14-16, 2022, MAXIMUM MISSION RENEWED took place in the Northeast District of the Dominican Republic. 25 young people from four districts mobilized to collaborate in various ministries in Las Terrenas of Samaná after the destruction there due to Hurricane Fiona one month ago. The work of compassionate ministries perhaps became the most urgent... Continue Reading →

Iran: The Princes of Persia

By: Carlos Castro In November 1997, Iranians took to the streets to euphorically celebrate their first World Cup qualification (France, 1998). This year, they arrive in Qatar occupying 20th place in the FIFA ranking, hoping to dignify football in their country, distance it from political issues (in 2006 FIFA had suspended them for government interference... Continue Reading →

Alexander’s Testimony

The following video was produced recently as part of the 114th anniversary of the Church of the Nazarene as a denomination. As coordinators of Mesoamerica Genesis, we were especially touched. Why? Alexander's life and family were changed, and he became the pastor of the first church ever organized with Genesis! Now that church plant is... Continue Reading →

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