A Way Back to Shalom

*The following serves as the conclusion of Lisa Sharon Harper’s important book The Very Good Gospel. Evidence of the presence of the Kingdom of God is thick wherever and whenever people stand on the promise of God that there is more to this world – more to this life – than what we see. There... Continue Reading →

First CCO held in Southeast Nicaragua

By: Elba Isabel Duson Global Missions Coordinator – Mesoamerica Central Field As a Global Missions team, we were recently setting goals and planning dates for the coming calendar year. Part of that process included looking back on successful and important events where God had moved powerfully last year. It made me realize that I had... Continue Reading →

The Symbolic Nature of Biblical Cities

By: Dr. David Busic Jerusalem became the biblical archetype of God’s hope for a city and the possibilities of urban redemption. It was called “the joy of the whole earth” (Psalm 48:2). It radiated divine presence and power: “From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth” (Psalm 50:2). Jerusalem was even declared to be the... Continue Reading →

Patterning to a Jesus Template Part II

By: Dr. Clark Armstrong Jesus’ teaching ministry primarily consisted of the use of parables. We should learn to use many stories and illustrations. He also taught the crowds or public groups such as the Pharisees with discourses. The book of Matthew can be outlined around five of these. His teaching of the disciples was peripatetic,... Continue Reading →

Patterning to a Jesus Template Part I

By:  Dr. Clark Armstrong In previous articles highlighting the pastoral calling and ministry, we studied 17 New Testament scriptures in our endeavor to understand what God’s expectations are for an ordained elder or pastor. Our conclusion from God’s word was that God has called the pastor to do four simple things: to pray, to preach,... Continue Reading →

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