Lent: Unity Instead of Division

By: Josué Villatoro Lent, the season of the Christian Calendar that we are currently celebrating, is perhaps one of the greatest reasons for controversy, discussion, and debate in the Protestant Christian world. This Christian commemoration, which begins on Ash Wednesday, is a frank and direct invitation to all of us who observe it, to prepare... Continue Reading →

Lent: Is It Only for the Roman Catholic Church? (Part 1)

By: Rev.  Dr. Andrés E. Hernández      In an article written for Holiness Today, Rob L. Staples[1] points out that in the past some evangelical churches rejected the observance of Lent. However, many of those churches, including Churches of the Nazarene, are rediscovering how certain aspects of the Christian tradition help us refocus on the... Continue Reading →

Lent: Preparation for Easter

By: Rob L. Staples In the past, some evangelical churches spurned any observation of Lent, associating it with "high church" liturgical worship. But today many of those same churches, including numerous Nazarene churches, are rediscovering certain aspects of the historic Christian tradition as a means of refocusing on spirituality in a world that is increasingly... Continue Reading →

Spit and Christmas: Why does Jesus Use Spit to Heal in Three of His Miracles, and How Does it Relate to This Season?

By: Scott Armstrong There may be nothing grosser – and nothing more debasing – than getting spit on. I once saw a player spit on an opponent in a soccer game. Things did not go well after that. Fisticuffs, red cards, and more. It was a complete disregard for the other team and the opposite... Continue Reading →

The Pandemic and the Last Candle in the Advent Wreathe

By: Rob Prince The following article was taken from https://robprinceblog.com/2021/12/16/the-pandemic-and-the-last-candle-in-the-advent-wreathe/ The last of the four candles of Advent wreathe will be lit in churches all over the world on Sunday. If it’s like at our church, somewhere in the service a family or individual will read a passage of scripture, remind us of the candle’s... Continue Reading →

The Word, the Verb, and Christmas

By: Scott Armstrong “The meeting ground between God and [humanity] is the flesh of Christ.” –Saint Cyril Christmas is almost here! As we exchange gifts, we acknowledge and give thanks for the greatest gift ever given: Jesus Christ sent to earth two millennia ago. While the first two chapters of the gospels of Matthew and... Continue Reading →

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