The Proclamation of a King

By: Rev. Emily Armstrong Lent culminates with Holy Week when we contemplate the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. In the coming days, we will focus on the main events that happened in the life of Jesus. Jesus has spent some years ministering on earth. The Bible records his miracles and his relationships with both... Continue Reading →

Lent: Is It Only for the Roman Catholic Church? (Part 1)

By: Rev.  Dr. Andrés E. Hernández      In an article written for Holiness Today, Rob L. Staples[1] points out that in the past some evangelical churches rejected the observance of Lent. However, many of those churches, including Churches of the Nazarene, are rediscovering how certain aspects of the Christian tradition help us refocus on the... Continue Reading →

Lent: Preparation for Easter

By: Rob L. Staples In the past, some evangelical churches spurned any observation of Lent, associating it with "high church" liturgical worship. But today many of those same churches, including numerous Nazarene churches, are rediscovering certain aspects of the historic Christian tradition as a means of refocusing on spirituality in a world that is increasingly... Continue Reading →

Why Lent?

By: Dr. Eddie Estep February 17, 2021, was Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season called Lent.  Ash Wednesday gets its name from the custom, in some Christian denominations, of placing ashes on the forehead as a sign of penitence. The ashes are obtained by burning the palm branches from the previous year’s Palm... Continue Reading →

Why do we Give up Something for Lent?

By: Scott Armstrong The season of Lent begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. In the Christian calendar, Lent is meant to be a time of self-denial and repentance. Many Christians worldwide observe this period by “giving up” or “fasting” something for the 40 days preceding Easter. I have lived and served for many years in Latin... Continue Reading →

Easter: Full of Life

It is a little paradoxical to write about Easter in the middle of Lent, but every year we pastors prepare our Easter sermons during the heart of the sacrifice and fasting that Lent brings, so the practice makes sense. In many of our countries, Easter is the day people return to the normalcy of work... Continue Reading →

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