The Mystery of the Incarnation

"The Defender of the weak becomes weak and defenseless. The One who covers all becomes naked and exposed. The One who cares for all becomes helpless and needing care. The One who holds it all together, needs to be held tightly. This is the mystery of the incarnation." --Rich Villodas

Spit and Christmas: Why does Jesus Use Spit to Heal in Three of His Miracles, and How Does it Relate to This Season?

By: Scott Armstrong There may be nothing grosser – and nothing more debasing – than getting spit on. I once saw a player spit on an opponent in a soccer game. Things did not go well after that. Fisticuffs, red cards, and more. It was a complete disregard for the other team and the opposite... Continue Reading →

The Pandemic and the Last Candle in the Advent Wreathe

By: Rob Prince The following article was taken from The last of the four candles of Advent wreathe will be lit in churches all over the world on Sunday. If it’s like at our church, somewhere in the service a family or individual will read a passage of scripture, remind us of the candle’s... Continue Reading →

The Word, the Verb, and Christmas

By: Scott Armstrong “The meeting ground between God and [humanity] is the flesh of Christ.” –Saint Cyril Christmas is almost here! As we exchange gifts, we acknowledge and give thanks for the greatest gift ever given: Jesus Christ sent to earth two millennia ago. While the first two chapters of the gospels of Matthew and... Continue Reading →

Prepared for His Arrival

By: Daniel Pesado Advent and Christmas are totally related. Advent ("adventus") means "coming" or "arrival." The synonym used in the Greek is "Parousía", which also means "coming" or "presence", although we mostly use it to refer to the arrival of Jesus at the end of time. In Advent we prepare to celebrate the first coming... Continue Reading →

Miracles and Christmas

By: Scott Armstrong Rain coming at the disciples sideways and wind buffeting their tiny boat… Until… Jesus scolds the storm, and instantly the weather becomes perfect for a restful day at the lake. A crippled man waiting by a magic pool without anyone to help him in… Until… Jesus speaks the word and, wide-eyed, the... Continue Reading →

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