Lent: Is It Only for the Roman Catholic Church? (Part 1)

By: Rev.  Dr. Andrés E. Hernández      In an article written for Holiness Today, Rob L. Staples[1] points out that in the past some evangelical churches rejected the observance of Lent. However, many of those churches, including Churches of the Nazarene, are rediscovering how certain aspects of the Christian tradition help us refocus on the... Continue Reading →

A Mind Fixed On The End

By: Rev. Yeri Nieto I Corinthians 15:20-26 When the warrior Joshua began his ministry as leader of the Hebrew people, God spoke to him and expressed one of the phrases that we repeat most in the church: "Be strong and courageous." But if we read Joshua 1:1-9 we notice that this request was made because... Continue Reading →

Two Failures. One Invitation

By: Josué Villatoro One had a spectacular future ahead of him; the other lived in luxury, full of success and glory. One was the heir to a business empire, the other the most important king of the moment. Despite this, neither of them made good choices, and what seemed to be a destiny full of... Continue Reading →

The Word That Ignites a Fire

By: Rev. Yeri Nieto Luke 24:13-35 Two of Jesus' disciples, instead of staying in Jerusalem, had decided to drift away from the community. It was the most logical thing for them, because when sadness encompasses your whole soul, you don't have many options. Typically, you flee the place that causes you pain. And their pain... Continue Reading →

Sing A New Song

Whenever the Israelites experienced a season where God did something momentous in their midst, they sang a new song. Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song, His praise in the assembly of His faithful people. (Psalm 149:1) As the people of God on this Resurrection Sunday, we prepare to celebrate the new life that Jesus brings... Continue Reading →

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