Cross-Cultural Orientation Takes Place in the Dominican Republic

By: Elba Isabel Duson Missions Mobilization Coordinator, MesoCentral Field From April 29 through May 1, 2023, the latest Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) was held in Rancho Arriba, Dominican Republic. 27 participants were present, representing the five districts of the country, and also Guatemala and Panama. “For me the CCO was a great experience where the Lord... Continue Reading →

Healthy Church, Healthy School

By: July Quiterio Cuello At the end of 2021 and the first half of 2022, the Quisqueya Church of the Nazarene in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, began a historic process that came to redefine and challenge the congregation. This happened, thanks to the fact that we decided to participate together with 4 churches in the... Continue Reading →

The Relief of Holiness

By: John Eldredge I recently read the following devotional from John Eldredge. I love how he correlates holiness with a liberating freedom, instead of just a static gift or a state of being. What a relief it is indeed when we give God all and allow him to work in and through us as he... Continue Reading →

Caribbean Field Virtual Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) March 2023

By: Pastor Timmeon SpencerCaribbean Field Missions Mobilization Coordinator Hundreds of people are trained in missions around the world through the Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) in the Church of the Nazarene every year. 2023 was no different for the Caribbean as we held our virtual CCO from March 2-4. This event is filled with workshops, dynamics, conversations,... Continue Reading →

Paul and Timothy: A Better Way to Disciple

We recently received the following article from our friend and missionary colleague, Monte Cyr. As Regional Coordinator of Nazarene Discipleship International, he is constantly reminding us of our primary mission: to make Christlike disciples in the nations. This article uses Paul and Timothy as examples of what true discipleship could look like. Special thanks to Man... Continue Reading →

The Week After

By: Rev. Wayne Nelson Significant events come with memories of what we were doing, where we were, and the impact made on our lives. It’s the stuff people write about, sing songs about, and ponder for years and years. But what about the days after these meaningful events? We tend to remember 9/11 or when... Continue Reading →

The Last Supper

By: Rev. Emily Armstrong The day called Maundy Thursday is a day when we commemorate the Last Supper of the Lord. The story can be found in Matthew 26:17-30, Mark 14:12-26 and Luke 22:7-23. The beliefs that we have as evangelicals differ from the beliefs of Catholics, and it is worth understanding the contrasts. The... Continue Reading →

The Proclamation of a King

By: Rev. Emily Armstrong Lent culminates with Holy Week when we contemplate the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. In the coming days, we will focus on the main events that happened in the life of Jesus. Jesus has spent some years ministering on earth. The Bible records his miracles and his relationships with both... Continue Reading →

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