Minding the Gap (in Ministry)

By: Rev. Dr. Clark Armstrong There is an intricate subway system in London with many levels and sub-levels transporting hundreds of thousands of people every day in thousands of directions underneath the city. Not only can you get lost trying to get from place to place in The Tube (its nickname); danger lurks all around.... Continue Reading →

Glorification: The Overlooked Doctrine?

By: Dr. Clark Armstrong One idea stands prominent to describe Christ’s Transfiguration; in Greek, it is the doxa or glory of God (glorify, glorious, glorification). The most overlooked, underemphasized, least preached, and most taken-for-granted doctrine in the ordo salutis is by far the doctrine of glorification.[1] Yet the ordo salutis makes it the final and... Continue Reading →

Gideon’s Best and Worst Decision

By: Frederick Buechner Last week I came across the following reflection by Frederick Buechner, originally published in his book Peculiar Treasures. It’s a reminder that effective leadership requires constant vigilance and attentiveness to the will of God. I call Gideon “The Reluctant Leader.” Enjoy Buechner’s insight. THE BEST THING THE JUDGE GIDEON ever did and... Continue Reading →

Be Filled with the Spirit

Dr. Eddie Estep, Kansas City (USA) District Superintendent When we use the word filled in English, we normally think of something being placed into a container, such as milk being poured to the brim of a glass, water being run into a bathtub, or gasoline being pumped into a tank. This is also the classic... Continue Reading →

A Pure Heart

By: Eddie Estep You have to read halfway through the Old Testament before the idea of a human having a pure heart is even suggested as a possibility. Prior to Job and Psalms, the only things referred to as “pure” are gold (about 40 times), frankincense (4 times), and water (once). When we get to... Continue Reading →

7 Observations on the 2021 Nazarene Statistics: Mesoamerica Version

By: Scott Armstrong A few months ago, General Secretary Gary Hartke and Nazarene Research Services released the annual Church of the Nazarene statistical reports for 2021. Soon thereafter, I wrote an article with 13 observations on those global trends and numbers, and we also recorded an episode of The Worthless Servants podcast to share what jumped out at us.... Continue Reading →

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