When Your Calling Feels Like Death

By Mandy Smith Doing God's will, even in ministry, isn't always fun and flourishing. What makes you flourish? It’s a helpful question to ask when discerning our calling. It assumes that God’s call grows from our gifts and passions, that we experience blessing as he works through us to bless others. And that’s scriptural and... Continue Reading →

When Your Calling Feels too Small

By Alison Dellenbaugh Success is measured in obedience. Lately, I'm hearing a lot about "calling" and following wherever Jesus leads. And I've been right there on the front row, soaking it up. Meanwhile, my church is focusing on what it means to really be a disciple, no matter the cost. When we hear these calls... Continue Reading →

The Art of Turning

The World Cup is here! In the past eight years of our Spanish blog, that has meant that we have highlighted various nations and their cultures, while offering perspectives on the state of the Church in each country as well as some prayer requests. See, for example, Pamela Alvarado’s write-up on Ghana or Mario Josué... Continue Reading →

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