Diwali: Time to Know True Light

By: Nitin Saraf India is a multi-cultural, multi-traditional and multi-religious country that celebrates many festivals. As we view these festivals through a Christian lens, they provide excellent opportunities for witnessing our faith in Jesus. For Hindus, Diwali is the biggest and most important festival. This year (2020) it is observed Nov. 14-19. In North India,... Continue Reading →

What is “Glocal”?

By: Scott Armstrong Have you seen what God is up to in our region lately? Despite a worldwide pandemic, our ministry of Global Missions has seen hundreds of students enrolled in online missions training, and this very week we are holding the first-ever online Cross-Cultural Orientation (known as “Explore” in some regions). Perhaps more astounding... Continue Reading →

The Four Objectives of a House Church

I consider myself a person who likes to visit others and spend long hours listening to the interesting stories of grandparents, the wittiness of children, and the different complaints from parents. My first mission started in the backyard of my house. I remember that twice a week all the children in the neighborhood gathered to... Continue Reading →

The Four Fields of Church Planting

By: Teresa De cuesta García The planting of churches drives the expansion of the kingdom of God.  When we plant churches, we are a part of the fulfillment of God's mission: the redemption of humanity. Church planting is similar to the cycle of sowing and reaping: the sower looks for an empty field, prepares the... Continue Reading →

Three Advantages of House Churches

By: Diana González I recently had the privilege of participating in a training on Church Planting at Home, what I learned is very appropriate for these times, since I serve as a Nazarene missionary in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala with the Genesis ministry. There are some important advantages that the home model presents, compared to the traditional... Continue Reading →

Two Ways of Sending

By: Dr. Verne Ward, Global Missions Director, Church of the Nazarene Who is a missionary? Retirees Paul and Carolyn Wheelock are finance experts. For three to 12 months at a time, they assist different regions with audits or financial work. They raise financial support for their travel and cover the remaining expenses from their own... Continue Reading →

House #23

By: Edgar Daniel Santiago A few months ago, we had been living in the south of Mexico when God called us and moved us to the north of the country with the Genesis ministry.  Although we still love the south, little by little we are beginning to love the city of Monterrey. It calls to... Continue Reading →

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