Testimony of Impact. Maximum Mission, Las Matas de Farfan, D.R.Testimony of Impact.

My name is Crisnery Dominguez. I had the blessing of participating in my first Maximum Mission on February 25, 26 and 27 in the Southern District of the Dominican Republic.

One of the experiences that most marked my life was during house-to-house evangelism. I met a woman, but when I approached her to share, she told me that she did not have time and that she had to clean her house and take care of her mother who has cancer. She was not willing to listen to me. So, I told her that I would come back the next day to help them.

The next day I visited them again and, from the moment I entered with my companions Ruth and Josué, we felt an unclean spirit in the lady’s house. Her mother Alberta was bedridden. When she realized that we were in her house, she began to complain and make strange noises. Seeing the situation, I began to pray. But the unclean spirit that rested on her did not allow us to preach the gospel.

Not knowing what else to do, we kept praying. Gradually we realized that the more we prayed, the more the spirit became silent.

Finally, the woman was quiet, and thanks to the Lord and his mercy we were able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the end she broke down in tears and was calmed by the presence and support of the Holy Spirit while we prayed. Despite all the distractions and interruptions that the enemy threw at us, we managed to bring a message of love and peace to that home.

I feel very joyful, and I have a sense of satisfaction. It was clear there were powers that did not want us to visit that home. And yet the Lord carried us there, and I am confident that he spoke to that woman.

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