Three Roads to Chicago

By: Dr. Clark Armstrong In the USA, there are many roads to take to get from one major city to another. During most of my adulthood I have lived in Kansas City, but since my roots were in Chicago I have had to travel back there many times. These destination points are over 500 miles... Continue Reading →

First Vegetables, Then Fruits

By: Esteban Murillo As we waited for our first child, Etienne, to be born, Dhariana and I read and researched a lot about the whole world of babies. One of the fundamental items was food. For rookie parents, everything is completely new. When to give solid food? How much? Which foods are best, and which... Continue Reading →

Overcoming the Fear of Evaluation

By: Jami Coffman, JD Levy & Associates “The greatest Discovery of the 20th century is the fact that a human being has the ability to change his attitude.” –William James If you are reading this and have ever worked in any company or organization, you probably are aware of employee evaluations. They’re not anyone’s favorite, I... Continue Reading →

Who Canceled the Apostle Paul? Lessons From the First Christian Influencer on How to Lead When You Are Hated

By: Nijay K. Gupta The following article was taken from Next to Jesus, of course, the apostle Paul is the most well-known figure of the Christian faith. Intrepid apostle, church planter, theologian, pastor, writer. Paul is our hero. He models the faith for us. But a careful reading of his letters demonstrates that he... Continue Reading →

More Jesus in Evangelism

By: Michael Frost I recently came across an article by missiologist and author Michael Frost entitled “Jesus Take the Wheel.” The story he tells of an interaction with an Uber driver (reprinted below) caused a lot of discussion amongst our team, and we will even dedicate a future episode of The Worthless Servants podcast to... Continue Reading →

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