In this VUCA World

By: Tabita González When it comes to strategic leadership, any ministry model we choose should always serve the mission, not the other way around. Nuances of culture, social issues, or budgets, should never dictate our mission, but should always inform our strategy and help us to fulfill our goals. For this to take place, it... Continue Reading →

5 Simple Questions about the Future Every Leader Should be Asking Right Now

By: Cary Nieuwhof The following article was taken from: Knowing what you should do as a leader in normal times is hard enough. As you may have noticed, these aren’t normal times. Trying to figure out what to do in the midst of a global crisis is so much more complicated. So how do... Continue Reading →

René Padilla’s Legacy to the Latin American Evangelical Church

By: Jorge Baños “C. René Padilla, father of the “Integral Mission” model that prompted evangelicals to see social action and evangelization as “two wings of the same plane” passed away earlier this year. Christianity Today published a note on its website in tribute to this great Latin American evangelical leader. Dr. René Padilla, who distinguished... Continue Reading →

Not a Program, A Way of Life

By: Jerry D. Porter "To make Christlike disciples in the nations" is not a program; it is a way of life. Each Nazarene should answer two questions: Who is discipling you? Whom are you discipling? I have adapted these gold nugget principles from Mike Henderson: Help your family and friends to follow Jesus. Always remember... Continue Reading →

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