The Mystery of the Incarnation

"The Defender of the weak becomes weak and defenseless. The One who covers all becomes naked and exposed. The One who cares for all becomes helpless and needing care. The One who holds it all together, needs to be held tightly. This is the mystery of the incarnation." --Rich Villodas

How Can I Be Sure?

By Scott Armstrong We have made our way out of Advent and are now officially in the season of Christmas (that’s right: according to the Christian calendar Christmas is just beginning!).  Our Savior has been born in Bethlehem! What greater joy is there than that?! Since early December many passages have proven meaningful in my... Continue Reading →

Christmas From Eternity

By Hiram Vega The gospels tell us the story of the birth of the promised Messiah, placing it in the context of the Israelite people with historical details and long genealogies intended to prove that he was a legitimate descendant of King David. The book of John shows something different. John pulls back the curtain... Continue Reading →

We Saw the Rising Sun

By Hiram Vega Of all the names of Jesus, one rarely mentioned is the Rising Sun, or the New Dawn.  The name evokes the image of the soft red light that comes before the sun.  It is the prelude to a new day.  In Chapter 1 of his gospel, Dr. Luke tells us that God... Continue Reading →

Christmas Day 2017

Here we are. Christmas. Lots of waiting for today, and now the hope is realized. Little kids finally get to open those presents. Busy workers finally get a day off. Family members finally get to see each other. Eat together. Laugh together. And each one of these “finallys” is an echo of that first Christmas... Continue Reading →

Not God’s Favorite

By Scott Armstrong Jesus Comes Home with a Sobering Message Christmas is a time when many of us return home.  We laugh with relatives and gorge ourselves on excellent food.  Grandmas grab our cheeks and tell us we’ve grown sooooo big, which is awkward when you’re 8, but try when you are 40! Luke 4... Continue Reading →

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