Mission Briefing: ‘Missionary’

By Howard Culbertson People today use the word “missionary” in at least four ways: – As a description for all Christians; – As a label for people doing any kind of ministry anywhere; – As a specialized category for anyone with cross-cultural ministry experience, whether that be long-term or for only a few days; --... Continue Reading →

Mission Briefing: Culture Shock

By Howard Culbertson People often think the feelings arising in encounters with strange foods or customs constitute “culture shock.” In reality, those brief moments of discomfort are not what anthropologists mean by culture shock. Anthropologists and psychologists use “culture shock” to describe the confusion, doubt and nervousness common to people who have recently begun living... Continue Reading →

Mission Briefing: 10/40 Window

By Howard Culbertson About 30 years ago, missiologist Luis Bush coined the phrase “10/40 Window.” He did that to focus attention on a specific area of the world where millions of people have little or no access to the Gospel. Bush asked believers to draw an imaginary rectangle on the globe, from 10 degrees north... Continue Reading →

Mission Briefing: Be a Sender

By Howard Culbertson Not infrequently, people think the only way they can participate in to-the-ends-of-the-earth evangelism is by flying to another country. They are wrong. “Going” is just one avenue of world mission involvement. Indeed, those who leave home to become career missionaries need a cadre of consecrated and zealous supporters back home. A few... Continue Reading →

Mission Briefing: Contextualization

By Howard Culbertson When believers from one culture introduce the “unchanging gospel” to people of another culture, how do they keep the Good News from being dismissed as a foreign import? The short answer is one word: Contextualization. When Christianity moves from one culture to another, there is danger that it will be thought of... Continue Reading →

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