A Voice? What Voice?

“Now those who were with me saw the light but did not hear the voice of the one who was speaking to me.” (Acts 22:9 NRSV)

Arrested and standing before a mob ready to lynch him, Paul relates the story of his conversion.  It was the seminal moment of his life; quite literally (as well as metaphorically), he once was blind, but now he sees.  A bright light.  He falls to the ground.  A voice from heaven.  A dialogue that would forever change this terrorist into apostle.

And tucked in the middle of his testimony is the detail we read above.  Apparently, all those with Paul saw the light.  But they didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary.  What was so clear to Paul –enough for him to stake his life on it– was not even audible to anyone else.


Have you ever been in a service or camp where others are responding in droves to God’s call, while you cross your arms, confused or even skeptical? They are hearing his voice and communing with him, but you casually wonder what the big deal is.

Could it be that God was speaking to everyone (you included)? The only difference is that you weren’t listening for his voice.  In The Message, Acts 22:9 says this: “My companions saw the light, but they didn’t hear the conversation.”

Don’t miss his voice today.  Pay attention to the conversation!

*This mini-devotional was written for the app of Mesoamerica Region Nazarene Youth International (NYI). We encourage you to download and use that app, through which short devotional thoughts like this (written by a variety of leaders) will be shared daily.


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