“Pandemic Epistles: Reflections on the Church During COVID-19.”

The last two months have felt surreal for all of us.  The COVID-19 virus has affected every country in the world, and has caused many of us to #stayathome.  No gatherings of large numbers of people.  Our schedules and our finances have been affected, and the Church has not been exempt from the sweeping changes either.

A dear friend and fellow minister, Craig Shepperd, has been writing a series of reflections on what this odd time could mean for Christ’s body on earth going forward.  I have found his articles extremely useful in moving us from the general malaise of being quarantined to engaging in a profound dialogue regarding who we are and who we can be during and after this period.

Craig has served as a missionary and youth pastor before becoming the Lead Pastor of Guymon Church of the Nazarene in Guymon, Oklahoma, where he currently serves.  Craig has given us permission to reproduce his brief essays in this space, and we will do so during the next month.  

The original articles can be found at “Pandemic Epistles: Reflections on the Church During COVID-19.” 

Special thanks to Ariadna Romero Moreno for her excellent translation of these reflections to Spanish, as well.



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