United in Christ to Serve – Mesoamerica

Greetings from Panama City and the Mesoamerica Regional Office! We have gathered in these days as ministry coordinators and other elected representatives and leaders from our Church in order to celebrate what is known as Regional Advisory Committee meetings.  The RAC (for short) is an important time where we report on the past year’s challenges and successes as well as look forward to what God’s vision holds for us in the coming year.  It is a time of prayer and camaraderie, but decisions are also made that will direct our ministries in the months and years to come.  Please pray for this time!


One of the things I love most about these meetings is the representation from so many countries and backgrounds.  In fact, a video has been recently released by our Mesoamerica Communications team that shows quite a panorama of the vibrant cultures prevalent all across our 34 countries. You will see different ages, ethnicities, ministries, and languages represented – but all are serving the same God!  It is truly a privilege to minister in the Mesoamerica Region!  Enjoy!

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