More Testimonies of Impact: 4×4 All-Terrain

In our last few entries, several youth that were a part of the 10th Anniversary of 4×4 All Terrain a month ago have shared their experiences.  Today we are wrapping up this series with some brief testimonies from four more participants.  We certainly hope they challenge you to pray, serve, and participate in future mission trips like this!

“We noticed the community of Oak Valley was different; they had their own type of needs.  We had been evangelizing in other places, but this time it would be door-to-door, which made me afraid.  I had no idea what the people would be like or how they would react.  But the majority of the people accepted Christ! That surprised me!  I was so excited, but I asked them again if they were certain of their decision to follow Him.  They again said yes, and I know God was speaking to their hearts.” – Abdiel Isaac Rodríguez.



“The enemy was extremely angry.  During the event we encountered many obstacles like illnesses and bad reports.  At one point the vehicle that we relied on to get from place to place broke down.  However, the Lord gave us the strength and the wisdom to keep moving forward without letting any of that get to us.  He was always there accompanying us.

I invite you to get out of your comfort zone and preach the gospel.  Don’t waste a single opportunity, and above all, when an event like this comes your way, don’t hesitate to participate. It will be a massive blessing, and you will experience indescribable things. My experience in 4×4 changed my way of thinking and seeing the world.  I thank God for that.” – Daniel Alexis Aguayo


“I could sense God’s Spirit in me, speaking on my behalf.  He used my lips and guided my steps.  Although I had thought I wasn’t spiritual enough to be used in ministry like that, God showed me on more than one occasion that He has control of my life.

Besides, being able to share these experiences with other teens who are my brothers and sisters in Christ is another reason to celebrate.  We aren’t talking about just one or two willing people; I was with so many who constantly responded in love and obedience.  Each one of their lives confirm why I believe in God and why I desire to follow his plan for my life.” – Navith Paolette Ayala Bedolla.


“I truly invite you to participate in a 4×4.  I thought when I signed up that it was to be a blessing for others, but I never imagined how blessed I would end up being.  God confirmed my call, not necessarily to be a missionary, but it was through ministering to others that he started to deal with me.  I have to wonder: if I had never participated in 4×4, how long would I have gone without realizing what he wants for me? I’m not sure.  I can only thank God for moving in that way.” – Saraí Avelino Castillo.


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