10th Anniversary of 4×4 All Terrain

The program known as 4×4 All Terrain was designed for youth that, having participated in a Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO), would be able to have a missions experience and confirm their call to missions during the best time of the year: the last week of December, between Christmas and New Year’s. It is typically a time when families come together to share in harmony, and exchange gifts and warm embraces.  Festive music is essential, much food is eaten, and relatives visit from far-off places.  The earnest desires of love and peace fill the hearts of all involved.  Through the years 4×4 All Terrain has become an event that also brings urban homes hope, peace, love, and salvation through the sharing of Jesus Christ as the best gift that anyone could receive all year long.

From December 26, 2019 to January 1, 2020 we held the 10th Anniversary of 4×4 All Terrain, and it took place in the city of Monterrey, Mexico in support of the missionaries with the Genesis ministry, Daniel and Andrea Santiago.  An extremely talented and great-looking group of 22 teens and young adults from the South, East, West, Northeast, and South Border Districts arrived impassioned to be used by God in the Fomerrey 23 and Oak Valley colonies.  Participants were organized into teams and, after being trained in various ministries, they evangelized house-to-house, held Vacation Bible Schools, prayed for the sick and for families in general, cleaned homes, made friends with community members, and presented Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, which was the greatest need of the people.  After meeting in prayer groups and sharing a Bible story, each person was invited to identify with a character in the story, and during that time many came to know Jesus Christ.  The morning devotionals and the feedback during the debriefing times every night were key in order to consistently get better and minister more intentionally the following day.

We could continue telling much more; however, I’d just like to glorify the Lord God Almighty for his love and protection over this group.  I am also thankful that he has given me the privilege during these ten years to lead many youth in this ministry, and to see them develop and grow in favor with God and men.  In the coming entries, you will read their testimonies of victory.  Let’s keep praying, giving, and going.  Let’s obey His call and participate in his reconciling of the world to Himself.

January, 2020

María Eugenia Rodríguez Urrutia.



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