An Unexpected Call

By: María de los Ángeles Romero

Have you ever missed a call because your cell phone was on silent? I have! Not just one, but many calls.

Regina was a chatty, energetic, charming little five-year old. She was one of our faithful attenders, and every afternoon she came along with her mom. She stopped coming for several days because she was sick, and when she returned, she came with her older sister, Itzel. Itzel was a shy 12-year old. She lacked attention and love, and she decided to open her heart to us and share that several weeks prior, she had decided to kill herself.

One Friday, we invited her to come to our Saturday kids’ club. We said we would come to her house to pick her and her sister up so we could go together. We also thought that would be a way to get to know one another. The next day we were standing in front of her door, ready to walk together to the field where we held our kids’ activities. When we arrived, the other kids welcomed them, and later that day they accepted Jesus into their hearts.

Little by little, we got to know the girls’ mother, Marisa. Every time we came by the house to pick them up, we asked how everything was at home. She always told us everything was fine, and that she just had some minor health problems. For some reason, one Saturday when I woke up, I left my cell phone ringer on. We walked to the park and had a good day of activities. While we were finishing up, something unexpected happened. My phone began to ring, and I quietly answered the call from Marisa asking me to bring the girls back home because she couldn’t leave. I heard the worry and the quiver in her voice when she said, “I need you to come pray for me.”

Moments later we found her crying, in the midst of depression and a panic attack. We prayed that God would give her peace in her heart and for her physical and emotional health. We invited her to our Sunday services and Thursday prayer meetings. That same week, a counselor visited her, and God freed her from a burden that had tormented her. At the end of the week, at her first Sunday service she accepted Christ as her savior.

Days after we began discipling her and her husband, José, they made a joint decision to continue together as a family. Now we see how God has restored this family, not only increasing the love between parents and daughters, but also guiding them to make small but significant steps in the faith. They were baptized, and they were married in the church as well as in a civil ceremony. At this moment, they are preparing to be leaders and to disciple new believers in the Querétaro church!

Now I ask you: how much longer will you keep the call of God on silent?

This is the perfect time to raise the volume and respond to the call God is placing on our hearts!

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