Prospective Pastor Profile Survey

In a recent conversation with leaders of the Church of the Nazarene in the Dominican Republic, we realized that we were lacking a profile in order to interview and eventually call ministers to be the pastors of our congregations. After some investigating and some adaptation of some existing tools, the following document is what I came up with. It is designed to help a church board or the leaders of a congregation focus in on what and who they may need as a pastor. Feel free to download and adjust the Word document for your context, or simply copy and paste the below info.

Prospective Pastor Profile Survey
Church of the Nazarene 2020

Your Name (optional) __________________________________

Ministry Gifts/Skills





Romans 16:7

Church planter/builder; foundation layer; visionary; committed to church growth


2 Timothy 4:5

Able and willing to endure hardship to communicate the Gospel to people of all ages


Romans 15:16

Effective worship leader; communicates sense of awe and praise before God; committed to the ministry of prayer and intercession


1 Peter 5:2

Caregiver to the flock; visitor; effective counselor


Ephesians 3:2

Administrator; good steward of gifts and resources.


1 Timothy 2:7

Equipper of others for service; effective disciple-maker


Leadership Characteristics


  1. Select 5 characteristics from the list below that you believe are the most important for a pastor to possess.
  2. Circle them.
  3. Put a star by the one of those five that you deem the most important.





Open minded toward innovation and new ideas; adjusts to new situations; flexible

Biblically Oriented

Committed to the truthfulness and authority of the Scriptures; knowledgeable of the Scriptures; preaches and teaches from the Scriptures

Change Agent

Able to move the congregation in a unified direction while positively managing the emotional impact of any change


Speaks and writes clearly and understandably; a good listener; keeps the congregation informed

Community Oriented

Involved in community life and concerned for social needs and injustice in the community

Denominationally Loyal

Has a positive, constructive approach and commitment to the life and mission of our Denomination

Developer of Lay Leadership

Takes initiative to broaden, strengthen and improve gifts and skills of persons for lay leadership


Enables people to make their own decisions and carry out their own responsibilities


Guides people and groups to achieve common goals and gains support from others

Mission Minded

Concerned for the cause of Christ throughout the world and commits church resources to mission efforts


Plans and manages large activities with congregational involvement


Dependable; consistent; states his/her true opinion but supports final decisions of the church within limits of conscience


Ministry Focus

  1. Select the 5 ministries from the list below that you believe are the most important for our new pastor to focus on.
  2. Circle them.
  3. Put a star by the one of those five you deem the most important.





Manages the ministry and resources of the church


Works with, teaches, and leads discussion groups of adults


Relates well with children and able to   communicate with them


Assists people facing problems or decisions in formal counseling settings

Crisis Visitation

Visits people immediately in times of crisis

Family Ministry

Encourages parents to establish strong   Christian homes and encourages married couples to develop strong marriages

Inter-Church Cooperation

Participates in inter-denomination activities with other churches in the area

Pastoral Care

“Care of Souls” and provider of spiritual support and encouragement to those who are hurting and weak


Strengthens the church through private and public prayer


Makes the Gospel and Word of God relevant to people’s lives and preaches presenting with clarify and conviction


Visits and cares for seniors and their needs and sensitive to their concerns around the changes in their lives

Social Ministry

Seeks to meet social needs in the community


Leading people in the development and use of individual and congregational resources


Teaches others the concepts of Christian doctrine and Christian living; leads Bible studies, Sunday School classes, etc.


Visits church members and shut-ins in their homes on a regular basis


Plans, leads, and participates in worship as a central event in the life of the church


Relates with youth and able to communicate with them


Personal Attributes

  1. Select the 5 attributes from the list below that you believe are the most important for our new pastor to possess.
  2. Circle them.
  3. Put a star by the one of those five you deem the very most important.



Administrative Skills

Well-organized; punctual; well-prepared


Highly regarded; respected by others


Available; open; receptive; charming


Courteous; gracious; respectful


Empathetic; sensitive; helpful


Able to work with others; shares the credit


Inventive; innovative


Positive; inspiring; energizing; encouraging


Allows others to have their say; respects other opinions


Faithful; committed


Persistent; steadfast; enduring

Personally Strong

Sense of own identity; good self-image

Sense of Humor

Laughs; sees bright side of issues; witty



Learns from mistakes; eager to learn and grow


Dependable; reliable

Visual Communicator

Uses handouts, videos, powerpoint and visual aids to communicate


Under each category below, please indicate your preferences for our new pastor.


Pastoral Experience: (Mark one)

_____ None previous

_____ 1-5 years

_____ 6-10 years

_____ 11-15 years

_____ 15+ years

_____ Does not matter


Marital Status: (Mark one)

_____ Single

_____ Married, no children

_____ Married with children

_____ Does not matter


Is divorce in the past acceptable?

_____ Yes

_____ No


Education/Credentials: (Mark one)

_____ In process of studying to be ordained

_____ Seminary Graduate, not yet ordained

_____ ordained Nazarene minister

_____ Does not matter


Is it important for the pastor to live in the community?

_____ Yes

_____ No


Job Status: (Mark one)

_____ Bi-vocational

_____ Full-Time Pastor

_____ Does not matter


Other: Please provide any additional comments that you think are important to consider as we call a pastor (use the back of this sheet if necessary).





Thank you for completing this survey.

Your input will help create the profile to be used in our search for a new pastor.


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