Church of the Nazarene Bread of Life Uses Urban Methods to Reach its Community

Testimony shared by: Gabriela Bustos

My husband, Carlos, and I started a new project within the community of Los Libertadores, Panama City more than three months ago. (That congregation was started by missionaries with the Genesis ministry in 2018.) Together with a group of five teenagers, we had dreamed of forming a soccer school that would help the community and introduce youth to our church. That dream became a reality and in the last few months many young people have been added. After three Sundays of training, yesterday we managed to have our first friendly match: that group of five has become a group of 16 boys between the ages of 10 and 16.

Besides them, there are some children and youth who are supporting the project. We´re integrating them into the church through creation care teaching and other discipleship lessons. Their parents are becoming curious and starting to get closer to the church through another program we call: “Serving the Tables”. Yesterday we concluded a series of physical skills lessons through Hip Hop and “break dance” that was led by a friend of ours who is a professional dancer. Every Friday he comes and teaches classes for a group of eight children who love Tik Tok, and we channel their energies through that activity.

In addition to the first game, yesterday we held a fiesta in which 40 children received the Word and other surprises that we had prepared for them. We celebrated a beautiful party with all of them as well as the members of the church who had supported us in all the hard work.

We are grateful to God and to the Church of the Nazarene that has helped us to carry out these programs.

I ask for prayer support regarding the following:

  1. We pray that God will give us love and joy to serve in Los Libertadores and the township of Bethania, in Panama City.
  2. We pray that children and young people can meet the living and loving God that you and I know.
  3. We pray that we can reach the family members of every child and young person who has approached us.
  4. We pray that God would provide the resources to purchase uniforms for the NazaGol team.
  5. We pray for the challenges we are having in our community and in the ministry not only of Los Libertadores, but also in Felipillo.

We are truly grateful to God for his mercy and his faithfulness in our lives. Thank you, also, for your support and prayers!

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