Missionary Intercessory Prayers

Many readers know that a retired Nazarene from Kansas named Cathy Spangler has been a part of our prayer team for many years. She weekly writes out prayers that we translate and send out to missionaries and other leaders. These prayers are based in Scripture, and have been thoughtful and life-giving during challenging periods of our lives and ministries.

The following set of prayers that I received recently particularly impacted me. May we all intercede as Cathy does, and may everything she prays here come to pass! What different families and churches we will have when God answers these prayers!

Missionary Leaders and Pastors:

2 Timothy 4:2,5. Father, help our missionaries and ministry leaders flow with Your Spirit, being flexible if You go a different direction than what they planned or expected.  Fill them with patience to correct and rebuke with love, the wayward, weak and immature.  Inspire them with good ideas to demonstrate and teach Your principles and Your ways.  Give them focus and clarity in their thoughts and plans.  Drive away all their fears with Your perfect love so they can fully carry out the ministry You have given them.

Congregations of Believers in the MesoAmerican region:

James 5: 13-16/1 Thessalonians 5:17/Philippians 4:6 /Matthew 18:19.  Father, these churches believe that their prayers and their praise is effective, so when they are happy, they praise!  When they are discouraged, they praise!  When they are in lack or plenty they praise!! 

They pray about EVERYTHING, they do not make decisions without prayer and listening.  They pray and intercede daily for one another….for prodigals and lost….for their nation and cities.  They will not quit or give up.  They pray in faith knowing they are heard.  They pray, listening for Your voice.  They pray in HOPE.  They pray with Love. 

They decree Your Word.  They pray in agreement.  They pray with praise and thanksgiving.  They along with all Your people commit themselves to prayer and praise!

MesoAmerican Youth and Missionary Children:

Psalm 26.  Father, help these young people trust You without wavering.  Test their motives and show them what is in their hearts.  Protect them from friendships that influence them to lie or to be hypocrites.  Bring them often to your altar.  Put songs of thanksgiving in their hearts.  Give them desire to share their testimony of encounters with You and in Your Word.  Help them become stable followers who love Your sanctuary and are hungry for Your Presence.

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