A Poem of Blessing from Isaiah 43

By: Cathy Spangler

The LORD who created you and is forming your character says:

Do NOT be afraid!

I ransomed you!

I called you!

I gave you a name and made you Mine.

When you go through deep waters….


When you go through rivers of difficulty…


When you walk through the fire of persecution…


For I AM!

I AM the LORD your GOD!

Before you claimed Me, I claimed you!

From eternity to eternity I AM!

No one can snatch from My hand. 

No one can undo what I have done!

I made ‘ways’ for you where there was NO way!

I called you out into ‘wilderness’ to reveal Myself to you as the source of all you need. 

It is not by your power but by My Spirit that brought you to this place and this hour…

But now, forget the former things.

I am doing a NEW thing and I have already begun.

Watch and listen…

Hear what My Spirit says in each place, in each season.

Do NOT look with your eyes of flesh but with the eyes of your spirit. For what you are seeing and hearing in this world is temporary and subject to change…

BUT MY WORD is unchanging!

MY WORD is changing things!

MY WORD in your mouth will be (and is) the restoration of My Kingdom on earth.

By My Word in your mouth, I will quench the parched fields.

By My Word in your mouth, I will…

build walls

restore altars

reset gates….

By My Word in your mouth, I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants…

yes, they will thrive and they will call to Me and I will answer.

Let go of what you think you already know,

for I have NEW light and revelation in the unfolding of My Word.

I have blotted out your sins for My sake and you are washed by the Word of My Mouth!

Even now, make up your mind to leave the place of

what always “was” and the things that worked for you in the past. 

I AM no longer satisfied with your ‘pat’ answers or even your ‘knowledge’ of the past…

Be made new in the thoughts, values and beliefs of the past.

Be a new wine skin.

Receive new wine!!

Let go of what WAS….

and press on with endurance to what is FRESH!

Be birthed into NEW and NOW!

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