Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) Changes Lives in Antigua, Guatemala

From January 13 to 15, 2023, a Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) was held in Antigua, Guatemala. Between participants and leaders, 60 people attended, and four countries were represented: the United States, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

The pastor of the Church of the Nazarene in Antigua, Erwin Bol, expressed: “Ever since I received the phone call from the coordinator to tell me about her desire to hold the CCO in our facilities, it was a great joy for me. I participated in a CCO in 2009, and it prompted me to accept the call that God was giving me to be a pastor. The greatest blessing that came from us hosting this event was knowing that, out of this group, there will come pastors, missionaries, church planters or educators.”

Many participants also testified of what God did during those three days:

“The CCO wakes us up as a church and reminds us of Jesus’ call to go and preach the gospel. In each workshop we were taught to do evangelism with passion and love. For me it was a time of experiences and new knowledge that I can now put into practice in my context.” – Marcos Benjamín Chicoj Boc (Central District, Guatemala)

“On the second night, during the time of worship and praise, I felt compelled to pray for another participant. After praying for her, God met with me again, and I couldn’t stop crying. My request has always been that I would dedicate my youthful years to God, and in that moment, God reminded me that if he calls, he lends support. For anyone who might not know or wants to reaffirm their call, the CCO is an opportunity that should not be missed.” – Pastor Byron Palma (Chiquimula, Guatemala)

“I traveled from the United States to go to the CCO, and God spoke to my life from the very beginning of the event. I want to continue learning and get involved in his work. There is nothing better than saying yes to God’s call.” – Yasmen Mejía (USA)

“The CCO made me think of all those people who go out to seek souls for Christ and, because of that, must go through many difficult trials. But due to their love for God and the unreached, they continue to fight. There are people who still do not know about God, and I have the challenge of sharing Him starting in my neighborhood, municipality, department or country.” – Monica Chable (Petén, Guatemala)

“What touched my heart the most was how God spoke through the people and the different activities telling me that I must be even more responsible for showing Christ in my actions and taking the message to all who need it.” – David Garcia (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

“The CCO has helped me understand God’s call, knowing that preparation is very important on this journey. If something most left a mark on me, it is that God calls us to serve, and we must give that service with love and dedication.” – Emely Caal (Coban, Guatemala)

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