Be a Philip

By: Scott Armstrong

Key Verse: “Finding Philip, Jesus said to him, ‘Follow me’…Philip found Nathanael and told him, “We have found the One…” (John 1:43, 45).

 One time my wife and I were leaving a restaurant with our young children. We were talking to friends leisurely and got to the car. There was only one problem. Our daughter was not with us. We sprang from the car and frantically went separate ways. The desperation was palpable. After what seemed like an eternity, a lady came up and asked me, “Is this your girl?” Yes! We found her! I hugged my daughter tightly and immediately ran to my wife and exclaimed for all of the parking lot to hear, “Here she is! We found her!”

 In the beginning of John, we see that Jesus called Philip to discipleship and was already starting to transform him. Philip couldn’t keep it in. He found his best friend, Nathanael, and exclaimed, “This Jesus is the real deal! You have to meet him!”

Oftentimes we make evangelism too complicated. But, at its most basic level, sharing our faith is simply finding (and being found by) Jesus and not keeping it to ourselves. Like Philip, we enthusiastically proclaim to others, “We found the One we’ve been looking for! You have to meet him!”

Prayer: Lord, thank you for seeking me out and finding me. Now help me to introduce you to others who also need to be found. Amen.

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