A Prayer of Blessing over Missionaries and their Children

Many people know that God has raised up a small group of prayer warriors who pray for our family and ministry daily. One of them, Cathy Spangler, sends me written-out prayers without fail on email every week. They have encouraged me, challenged me, and refocused me through the years. The following prayers and blessing are recent and have proven powerful and effective in these days. I have received permission from Cathy to adapt and reproduce them here for everyone’s benefit.

Psalm 112

Father, your missionaries and servants have deep awe of You, and You are their delight! They obey the voice of the Spirit in their inner beings! So I decree over them Your promises!

Their children will be successful and blessed.  

Wealth and riches will be in their house.  

Their good deeds will be eternal. 

Light shines in the dark for them.  

They are able to be generous, compassionate and righteous by Your power working within them.  

Good things will come to them.  

All they do in their work is honest and fair. 

They will not be overcome by evil!  

They do not fear bad news; instead they confidently wait for You to take care of them!  

They shall be confident and fearless. They face conflict and adversity knowing that Jesus has already won the victory! They wait for Your good plans.  

They share freely and give generously to those in need.  

Their good deeds will be remembered.  

They have influence and honor.  

The wicked will see this and be infuriated. They will grind their teeth in anger and slink away because their hopes are thwarted!

Psalm 31:15,19,24

Father, missionaries’ kids’ times are in Your hands. Rescue them from any anxiety concerning their future. For You have abundant goodness stored up for them as they honor You and take refuge in You!  I pray that each one would be strong and take heart with courage, as they wait for You!

Father, I pray that as these children choose to devote their hearts to seek You (1 Chronicles 22:19) and fix Your Word in their hearts (Dt.11:18), they will be strengthened in their hearts (Eph.3:16).  Then they will be able to love You with all their hearts (Luke 10:27) and experience the love of Jesus and be made complete with fullness of life and power that comes from YOU!!

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