An Update On Genesis

By: Scott Armstrong

In the Mesoamerica Region of the Church of the Nazarene, we dedicate the month of January every year to the promotion, prayer and giving for the Genesis ministry. NMI (Nazarene Missions International), under the leadership of Ana María Crocker, has truly led the way in prioritizing this emphasis, and for that we are tremendously thankful.

Even though Genesis has been around for nearly ten years, many have asked what it is (our mission is to make Christlike disciples in the urban centers of our region), what results have been achieved (more than 40 missionaries sent, 20+ churches planted, in 11 cities, etc.), and if the initiative will continue going forward (of course it will!). Emily and I decided to record a brief video to report on the current state of the ministry and help any church or leader to share the vision with others this month and beyond. Remember: if you want more info on Genesis, visit, and if you are desiring to be a part of this huge undertaking by praying, giving, or going, contact us at

Thanks for all you are doing to bring a genesis to our cities!

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