“Serving Fills Me” Missionary Summer 2022: Dominican Republic“Serving Fills Me”

By: Maribel Sánchez

Two years ago, I started serving in the missions ministry at my church in Costa Rica. I had no idea of ​​all the beautiful things that God was going to allow me to experience: for example, travelling to the Dominican Republic in July and August 2022 for the “Missionary Summer”.

I was blessed to experience such a beautiful country, known for its culture, delicious food, the vast ocean, but above all for its warm, welcoming people full of God’s love. I felt at home.

As for the ministry, we invested much of our time in construction and remodeling work. With several countries represented, we found ourselves working and living together in three cultures and three different languages. But God united us as we labored like busy ants. We had fun introducing different words to describe one thing, and we learned a lot from the many shared anecdotes and experiences. I made very special friends in those days.

The Lord strengthened us and gave us the necessary energy to work in the morning and then go out in the afternoon to invite the communities to evangelistic activities for all ages. We saw God move in our midst. So many people joyfully received the message of salvation! It was beautiful to be able to pray for the people and to observe so many smiling faces rejoicing in the love of God.

In Christ nothing happens by chance! I would not have imagined the plans that God had for me, but now I know we must be willing to respond to his call. I am just one of many pieces in God’s puzzle.

Today I understand that it is not necessary to have an impressive array of gifts and talents, or know how to preach, sing, or give a Bible class (although they are very useful in the kingdom) to be used by God. We just have to be obedient. He calls us to serve him just as we are with all our flaws and virtues. Then he trains us. He is in charge of making us useful for his glory with what we are and have at his disposal.

Missionary Summer: a cross-cultural experience where we gave our best to advance the Kingdom of God. I would do it a thousand times more because serving fills my heart.

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