Ecuador: La Tri

By: Kaminie Ellie

The game of football was first introduced to Ecuador by Juan Alfredo Wright. In 1899, Juan Alfredo and his brother, Roberto, founded the first official football team, which paved the way for Ecuador to establish their national football team. The Ecuador national football team has made an appearance in the FIFA World Cup three times, with their fourth appearance scheduled to be in the 2022 tournament. After the South America playoff, Ecuador is set to play hosts Qatar in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup on November 20.

Ecuador is known for its diversity of people and culture. Ecuador is divided into four natural regions: “the mega-diverse Amazon rainforest, the imposing Andean highlands, the rich coast and the amazing Galapagos Islands”. The nation hosts 32 indigenous cultures, who have preserved their language, customs, and tradition.

Ecuador’s food is as diverse as its people. Featured dishes include encebollado (fish soup with onions) and ceviche, which can be made with shrimp, fish, shellfish, and a great variety of seafood. Colada morada is a traditional drink made of black corn flour and fruits.

Ecuadorian celebrations are festive and symbolic of their culture. Ecuador’s carnival is a celebration held once a year. The carnival festivities vary depending on the area, but the signature celebration display’s the country’s arts in the parades of colorful floats, school bands and dance groups dancing to traditional and contemporary music. The Ambato celebration of carnival or the “Festival of Fruits and Flowers” includes colorful floats that are presented in the parades of this city and are decorated with bread, flowers, and fruits of the area.

The Inti Raymi celebration, in honor of the god Inti (sun), is a time of gratitude for a good harvest of traditional products. Additionally, the Yamor festival is a time of celebration for a good corn harvest.

Ecuadorians also celebrate Holy Week before Easter with a grand procession in memory of Jesus’ death. It begins in the morning and ends around 3:00pm, the time when Jesus is believed to have died”.

Ecuador is comprised of many beliefs and religions. The Catholic Church is still the most prevalent belief system observed by most of the population. However, the evangelical movement has seen a growth in the past decades to 11%. Currently, Ecuador is home to a diverse denomination of evangelical churches, namely Pentecostal, Baptist, and Methodist Evangelist.

As we celebrate the appearance of the Ecuador Football Team in this year’s FIFA World Cup, let us remember them in prayer as a nation. Pray for the political stability of the nation. Pray for the economy and the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Pray for more missionaries to be called to take the gospel to the nation and for local Christians to continue to offer the message of hope and life.

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National team photo: Doha City Guide.

Culture photo: Jesse Kraft / Alamy.

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