The Missions Mobilization Logo

By: Scott Armstrong

As outlined in the previous article, the ministry in the Mesoamerica Region known as Global Missions has undergone a name and logo change. We explained the rationale there, and we would ask you to share that information and other videos we have been putting out on all our social media.

I do want to share the why behind the new logo, as well. Our Regional Communications team, along with our MM team, has spent many hours talking through the vision and spirit of our ministry. We wanted a logo that looked attractive, professional, and represented us well. We are convinced we landed on just such a logo.

The new logo incorporates the double “M” of Missions Mobilization with a faint world map inside. Our goal is for every leader in our region to think globally and to be a part of sending missionaries from our region to the whole world. We are actively deploying from our nations in Mesoamerica to all nations.

The prominent arrow or triangle in the center of the logo possesses a two-fold meaning. It connotes activity, momentum, and forward progress. A ministry of mobilization gets people out of their seats and into the streets! At the same time, the triangle evokes the iconic symbol of “PLAY” that is used to start a video or a song. It shows initiative, intentionality, and the fact that we want to start a movement.

The new MM logo also incorporates a specific color scale. The greens and blues evoke images of nature and growth (think sky, water, plants, and gardens). The essence of our ministry is developing and cultivating the call in those who are called to and interested in missions. We especially want to facilitate the growth of God’s purpose in children and youth and see a marked impact in future generations.

We’ve received excellent feedback from our MM coordinators in past weeks regarding these changes. As I mentioned a few days ago, you may like the old name and logo more than the new one. You may not. But I think you’ll see that the new logo conveys the spirit of who we are and what we do in an exciting way.

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  1. Everything you’ve explained is reasonable and appropriate. The logo is fantastic! Praying it communicates all that you want it to, and excites those you are reaching.


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