Global Missions Ministry Celebrates Online Graduation

On October 3, 2020 the ministry of Global Missions celebrated the online graduation of 86 students from Guatemala, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica who successfully completed the program of studies in the School of Leadership with an emphasis in Cross-Cultural Missions.

After having persevered for 6 months, and overcoming the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, this was a well-earned “memorable moment” that the graduates enjoyed, as they all have proven to be determined, committed, and resilient students, creative and passionate about God and his mission.

The event was broadcast on Facebook Live so that the families, friends and churches of the students would be able to participate in the emotional ceremony. Even though the celebration was not held in person, its online nature did not take away what ended up being a special, relevant and significant time. Through the screen the satisfaction was apparent on the faces of the students, as well as a harmonious integration of a diversity of cultures. The overflow of happiness and nostalgia were certainly noticeable despite the distance!

The small but expressive program included a challenging sermon delivered by the Coordinator of GM and Genesis, Scott Armstrong, words of congratulations from the Regional Director, Dr. Carlos Sáenz, and the Rectors of SENDAS Mónica and Rubén Fernández, as well as words of gratitude and farewell expressed by outstanding students, the delivery of certificates to graduates, and even the awarding of scholarships to the winning teams for their final projects.

Dr. Carlos Sáenz

The School of Leadership is a clear example that the mission of God is bigger than any circumstance. It is clear that only the power and sovereignty of God could cause a revival to emerge in the midst of crisis. Although this pandemic took many of us by surprise, God was not shocked or perplexed. He continued and will continue to work through his Holy Spirit, stirring hearts and awakening calls. Without a doubt nothing and nobody will stop his plan of salvation.

“Crisis produces transformation, and that’s exactly what happened with our ministry. 86 students and 6 facilitators from 9 countries week after week adjusted our ever-changing lives to train in virtual classrooms. We thank God for the opportunity he gave us to instruct and accompany these leaders who will be powerfully used to bring transformation to their local churches, communities, countries and the world,” said the coordinator of this initiative, Sugey Barrón.

Further testimonies from graduates:

“The content of the course was complete, diverse and enriching. I loved the cross-cultural interactions with other missionaries. TRANSFORMATIONAL, is how I would describe this course.” –Dawilda Rodríguez

“The School of Leadership is more than a school. Usually we go to school to learn and train, but with these courses and the whole process, I feel transformed. Now I have a great desire to be part of God’s work as a faithful servant who is willing to give everything for Him.” –Keila Chacon

“God meticulously reconfirmed my calling in such a way that I now know what to do for the rest of my life.” –Jamileth Hernández

“The program was very good, too good for only us to benefit from it. I believe it should be shared with all the members of the church, whether they have a call to missions or not, because those who do not go will support those who go. That is when we are most the Church.” –Aurys Martínez.

If you want to see the video shared on Facebook, click on the following link:

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