Giving in Times of Crisis

By: Lola Brickey and Karen Cruz

A few weeks ago, the NMI (Nazarene Missions International) of the Mesoamerica Region produced and broadcast a series of messages and workshops from various global and regional leaders. The hope is that these videos spark conversation in our churches and equip us for today’s mission. After watching each video, a young Nazarene from Mexico City, Karen Cruz, has written several reflections on the issues. Today Karen shares with us her thoughts on “Giving in Times of Crisis” shared by NMI Global Director Lola Brickey.

If you want to see the full video, click here.

I want you to remember a time of need. How did you feel? Perhaps you experienced helplessness, sadness, anguish, or even a loss of faith. Every time I think of countries where education is forbidden or is very deficient, when I think of families without food, when I think of those children and young people who suffer from hunger every day without being able to change the environment in which they were born, or of people who need work very desperately and cannot find it, my mind is aware of the need that exists in each human being and the fact that many times we think there is no solution.

When for some reason there was no food in my house, I learned and experienced that my only sustainer in life was always going to be God. If we learn to give the much or the little that God has given us, we remember that we are not giving out of obligation, but out of love. And if we give love offerings, clothes, food, time, etc. to others, we release blessings that can be tangibly felt by those in need.

The Lord teaches us to give thanks for all that he gives us, even before sizing up what we do or don’t have. He teaches us that we should always be grateful and trust in his power; he teaches us to give before we prioritize our own needs. He owns everything and there is nothing impossible for him.

This video helps us understand that miracles occur, and blessings unfold in our lives when we begin to give to others what God has placed in our hands. He always exceeds our small expectations with bigger promises. Let us remember that we do not have a small God but a VERY GREAT one!

This workshop reminded me of the prophet Elijah, who was persecuted and hid in a cave. I imagine that he wanted to stay there forever, I imagine his fear, the feelings and thoughts that went through his head. Do you know what our God did? With his eternal love and mercy, He cared for Elijah in that cave. He fed him and let him rest. Elijah regained the strength he needed to keep going.

As God cared for and fed Elijah in his moments of sadness and worry, He cares for us and loves us, and amazes us with His miracles every day of our lives.

Many times we think that we have no way to give or help those most in need. Or we assume that it’s not in our economic possibilities to give when we are barely scraping by. Have you ever tested your faith? Do you allow God to use it as a vehicle to bless others? Take this opportunity of the pandemic to share all that God has given you and tell others about Jesus, not only in your community but to the whole world.

What does God ask you to do so that others can know Him? Trust your God to provide, even when you can’t yet see how it will be possible.

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