What Does God Want His Church to Look Like?

By: Rev. Daniel Pesado

I am always thinking of the Church. I reflect on the body of Christ constantly. I believe that everything I hope for in this life comes from God and through His church, and I believe that’s how it should be for every Christian. Not expecting this means looking elsewhere. Where could I receive what I need most, what I really need? If I exclude God and His church, there is no answer.

Consequently, however God wants His Church to be, that’s how I should desire my church to be.

So, what does God want his Church to look like? God wants his bride to:

  1. Be vibrant and in continuous renewal. Each member of the Church must discover the potential that new life in Christ brings. Living according to the fullness of life that Jesus offers should be the goal of each one of us.
  1. Develop leaders intentionally. We must develop, train, and send leaders who know the Bible and can teach it to others.
  1. Be convinced of what we believe, why we believe it, and the importance of distinguishing ourselves from other religious communities. We must know our doctrine and share it simply, clearly, firmly, and humbly.
  1. Possess a clear sense of the mission received from God. We need to go, send, receive and train new believers of Jesus constantly. We are all loved by God and equipped by God to be used by God. In the Church that God desires no one should be “without work.”
  1. Have no fear of “giving birth” to new churches. Planting new churches is the most effective method in the entire history of Christianity for reaching people without Christ. We need to awaken a continual desire and maintain an atmosphere of enthusiasm for new church start-ups in the area we serve.
  1. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Church should live and move permanently supported and guided by the presence of the Spirit of God.

A Church with these characteristics is impossible to stop. It doesn’t need to be big in attendance or especially wealthy. The church that God desires is the one capable of depending on Him completely, because it believes that in Christ there is everything it needs. That is when it can be truly useful to Him.

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