Testimonies of a Limitless God

God’s methods are unconventional, and His wisdom is endless. He is the one who surprises us with marvelous acts! Every day we learn something new about God. The third edition of Mission without Limits in the Mesoamerica Region https://transformtheglobe.com/2021/04/09/stage-three-of-mission-without-limits-takes-place-in-mesoamerica/, held from March 29 to April 4, 2021, was undoubtedly a time of learning and surprises. Here are some testimonies from those who experienced a limitless God during this opportunity to serve.

“It was wonderful to participate in this missionary opportunity and to see the hand of God work on our behalf in the place where we worked. What struck me the most was to see the support and involvement of the church in San Juan in all of our activities. The youth from the church served alongside our small team of four missionaries. Thanks to God and the support of a missional church, we were able to sow the word of God in many hearts and impact the community! Also, as a team, we were an inspiration to the young people who supported us; some of them decided to enroll in the School of Leadership in Cross-Cultural Missions, because they were left with the desire to learn more and get involved in missions. I believe that God is raising up a missionary generation in this place. I thank God for the lives of Lional, Isamaris and Ariza, who were an example for the community. And I thank the local church for supporting us in this service.” – Lioni Taveras

“Being part of this event was a great blessing. Days before, I was not sure about participating, as I was not in very good health, due to very intense back pain. The doctor had indicated a very expensive MRI and everything indicated that I would not be able to participate in this missions trip. During the entire time I was working, I prayed to God: “Lord, I would like to go to this activity, if it is in your will. With pain or without pain, I would like to go. I also ask you Lord, to make the arrangements in my work. I will not ask permission to be absent; in this I will know if it is your will that I go.” God worked in a very special way in my health and job, and I was able to be part of this week of service.

The first day of evangelism was very blessed but challenging at the same time. We met people who were sad because they had lost relatives to COVID-19. God motivated me to share how I had been consoled by Him after the death of my daughter, and also the evangelistic cards that we were handing out had words of encouragement that seemed to hit home. What a wonderful time to finally pray and worship together with the community! I was very happy to see how Felicia, Luis Miguel, Peter, Yanelis and Stefani gave themselves to serve with passion in each activity that they carried out.

Mission Without Limits brought us closer to people and taught us to be humbler and more compassionate.” – Maribel Duson.

“Mission Without Limits became one of the experiences in which the Lord spoke to my life. Sometimes when we participate in these mission projects, we tend to have an expectation that God will use a miracle or move a mountain for us to learn some truth. But that was not my experience this time.

The first day of work we prepared ourselves to assist in “creation care.” Our team, along with some members of the local congregation, went out to pick up all the trash and plastic in the community.

At one point, I looked down and saw that the sewer had a lot of plastic built up. I started to remove that plastic bit by bit, and instantly, I saw how a large amount of water began to run. Then I felt in my heart how God was teaching me the value of our small actions and the impact they have on the lives of others. Sometimes, with low expectations, we mistakenly devalue the many ways we can shar God’s Word. However, God uses the smallest act to influence many.” – Esteban Juan Alcántara.

It is evident that God speaks to us through different circumstances: even pain, sadness, illness or loss. God forges our character in love and calls us to his service, in which we find purpose and fulfillment. Each of the participants at the ten different MsL sites has undoubtedly witnessed the wonders of an unstoppable God!

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