Maximum Mission: RENEWED Takes Place in the Dominican Republic

On October 14-16, 2022, MAXIMUM MISSION RENEWED took place in the Northeast District of the Dominican Republic. 25 young people from four districts mobilized to collaborate in various ministries in Las Terrenas of Samaná after the destruction there due to Hurricane Fiona one month ago.

The work of compassionate ministries perhaps became the most urgent because the two communities of Los Cangrejos and El Manantial de Caño Seco were greatly affected by the recent storms. Food and clothing supplies were distributed, and participants cleaned streets and other areas, removing branches and collecting garbage. In addition, they painted faces, washed and cut hair, and used creative evangelism to impact and encourage families after a month of many losses.

The leaders of the event, Aurys Martínez, Leydi Pérez, and Edwards Ramirex, recount that several members of the two neighborhoods came to a large evangelistic service where the Coordinator of Global Missions in the Northern District of the country preached. The event culminated with a sermon by the pastor of Rancho Arriba, Kemuel Sosa. The program was full of blessing, and the praises still resonate in the ears and hearts of all who attended.

The organizers thank God, Pastor Jesús Manuel Mota Carela, and all those who participated in the Maximum Mission. The event confirmed calls and changed many ways of thinking. Without a doubt, the families affected and the young people involved were RENEWED and inspired to keep moving forward, despite the difficulties.

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