Senegal: The Lions of Teranga

By: Carlos Castro

The Senegalese team entered the world scene in 2002, when they reached the quarterfinals at the World Cup in Korea. Since then, its players have earned their place in the most renowned clubs in Europe and around the world. Today they come together to encourage the hearts of their people and give them hope that, although their story might have begun two decades ago, 2022 would be the year they would fully realize their dream after winning the African Cup of Nations in February.

Located in the extreme west of the African continent, Senegal is a country that enjoys political stability (they have never had a coup d’état), notable annual economic growth (6%), and peace between the different ethnic groups and religions. People in this country maintain an atmosphere of friendliness; it is common to greet each other more than once a day, using the well-known Arabic expression “salamalekoum”, due to the majority presence of Muslims in the country.

The “Baobabs” – those trees so characteristic of Africa – grow freely in the Senegalese territory. A legend tells that many years ago, the baobabs grew so tall and with so many flowers, that they became proud, to the point of believing that they themselves were gods above all other plants. The “true gods”, seeing this attitude, punished them, removing their greatness and making these trees grow upside down, with their roots toward the sky. This, according to legend, is the reason for the peculiar shape of the baobabs.

The Church of the Nazarene entered Senegal in 1988. In fact, in the country’s capital, Dakar, the church is called “Baobab Church of the Nazarene”.

Let us pray for the social welfare projects that our brothers and sisters are developing in Senegal. Let’s ask the Lord to give them more opportunities to share the good news of salvation, and that He would lead them to be a light in each place they visit and with each person they serve.

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National team photo:

Credit: Getty Images

Culture photo:

Credit: Getty Images

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