Testimonies from the CCO in Coban, Guatemala

“From November 18 to 20, 2022 a Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) was held in the Verapaz del Norte district of Guatemala. I thank God that I was given the opportunity to be part of its organization, where 38 participants from five different districts heard the voice of God calling them to give their lives to him and serve in their contexts and beyond…

I prayed and hoped that the participants would leave with a new mindset, with grateful hearts and full of the Lord’s love to impact other lives. As the activities progressed, I realized that God was challenging many young people; Saturday night he touched our hearts very much. A question arose in my mind: “God, what have I done to deserve so much? You have been so good to me!” Little by little I have understood that I simply have to be like an earthen vessel in the potter’s hands and be transformed as God wants…in his name and by his grace.” –Alex Xol, Global Missions Coordinator, North Verapaz District

“This CCO confronted me a lot and made me wonder if I had really been serving with passion and dedication. God reminded me that he has called me and continues to call me to do his will.” –Belinda Caz, 14 years old, South Verapaz District

“The CCO reminded me that God has given me gifts and abilities that I must use. Now I am committed to put them at the service of God and share His love at all times. It is a privilege to be able to fulfill the mandate to go and make disciples. This event was a great blessing!” –Ely Molina

“Many times we look for what is easy and what is best for us. We choose the world without realizing that it offers us nothing. God calls us and his love is unconditional. The CCO has taught me to value what I have, to always trust in God, and that – despite the trials and hard times – he is there. The CCO showed me how to express myself, how to forgive, how to work with youth, and above all how I can be a missionary.” –Libni Gutierrez

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