Global Missions Celebrates Virtual Graduation for the Third Time

For the third consecutive year, the Global Missions Ministry in the Mesoamerica Region was able to celebrate the virtual graduation of 42 students from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and the U.S., who successfully and joyfully completed the School of Leadership’s study program with a specialization in Cross-cultural Missions on November 12th, 2022.

After a long journey full of challenges and difficulties, the students’ hard work was finally recognized. Day after day, students made an effort to learn in virtual classrooms, bravely committing themselves to finish the coursework with excellence. During this formative time, they proved to be humble, persevering, determined and passionate about serving God. 

Friends, family and churches of the graduates all participated in the graduation, witnessing the formation and transformation that each student experienced during their months of study. With great emotion and pride, they celebrated and praised the group for such a remarkable achievement. This wasn’t only a fantastic opportunity to recognize the students, but also a joyful encounter between many cultures.

The online graduation program included a time of praise and worship, the sharing of testimonies, words of thanks and congratulations, recognition of facilitators and graduates, and finally, a challenging message by Global Missions and Genesis Regional Coordinator, Scott Armstrong.  

As Coordinator of the School of Leadership, Sugey Barrón shared the following results and testimony:

“The School of Leadership has taught us well, and year after year we reaffirm our commitment to contribute to the education and formation of our Church of the Nazarene. After going through a pandemic that led us to take this study program online, we now recognize that God’s plans for virtual training were not temporary. We have continued this format and seen impressive achievements:

  • More than 300 students (teenagers, youth, leaders, pastors, married couples) have graduated in the last 3 years.
  • Our leadership has multiplied: graduating students are now directors, teachers, and facilitators of the curriculum.
  • Many of our graduates have found their role in God’s mission, serving where they are. We currently have more ministry leaders at the local, district and field levels, educating and mobilizing, passionate about missions.
  • Several candidates are currently in the process of becoming missionaries.
  • Our study program has reached the ears of Nazarenes from other regions: in this installment, we welcomed students from Venezuela, Colombia and the USA for the first time.
  • Before graduation, we were able to mobilize our students. They were tasked with creating missionary opportunities and dedicated hours, resources, time, and talents to plan and implement this trips. As they traveled, the blessing and impact on dozens of communities was significant.

We thank God for the opportunity and privilege He gives us to instruct and accompany those called, so they may be a bridge between the Church and the nations. With God’s favor and grace we move forward!”

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