Global Missions Celebrates Leaders’ Retreat in the Dominican Republic

By: Elba Isabel Duson

GM Coordinator, Central Field

“One person gets the credit, but there’s a whole team behind.” –James C. Collins

Each one of the leaders that is part of the Global Missions ministry is of the utmost importance. They have a special and unique seat on our bus, and they are fulfilling the mission of developing others and Discovering, Developing, and Deploying missionaries from every church and district in our field.

From January 29 to 30, 2023, we held a Global Missions leaders’ retreat in Bayaguana, Dominican Republic. We invited coordinators and their assistants, some of which are also candidates interested in missionary service. 15 participants attended the meetings, and they were encouraged and challenged to grow in their leadership and to execute even more effective ministry.

During the retreat we dedicated time to learn and put into practice the spiritual disciplines, focusing on personal prayer, praise, confession, accountability, and others. Later, the participants testified that they enjoyed the presence of God and were filled with his Holy Spirit.

Our Regional Coordinator, brother Scott Armstrong, accompanied us and closed the retreat with words of exhortation and encouragement for the team in the Dominican Republic. At the end, the host pastor, Maribel Duson, led the participants in a prayer of blessing and sending for our new missionary from the North District, Dawilda Jiménez, who will soon be leaving for two years with the Genesis initiative in Chihuahua, Mexico.

As the Central Field Coordinator, it is my greatest hope that each of the six countries that represent us can have a trained Global Missions team full of passion for service. We are praying that each one will give their best and invest in others, carrying out ministry alongside their districts, and as a result that we will be able to discover new candidates and/or future missionaries.

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