Project Paul Takes Place in Valladolid, México

By: Natali Novelo Chan, GM Coordinator: Mexico East District

As we mentioned in the previous article, as a Global Missions team, we were recently setting goals and planning dates for the coming calendar year. Part of that process included looking back on successful and important events where God had moved powerfully last year. It made us realize that we needed to make known a few testimonies and articles from 2022. Therefore, here’s another great mobilization event that took place several months ago, and we praise the Lord for so many youth who are answering a call to missions.

The Eastern District of Mexico held its first Project Paul in the city of Valladolid, Yucatan, from July 17 to August 7, 2022. Ten volunteer missionaries from Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, and Tamaulipas participated.

During the first week the volunteer missionaries received training and were assigned to lead different ministries. Within those dates, 60 volunteers from the East District also participated in a Maximum Mission from July 21 to 23. That significant group impacted the city using Evangelism, Compassion, Project Goal, Children’s Ministries, and Work and Witness.

We also received the support of the Mexico Field Medical Brigades, where 100+ patients were treated in general medicine, dentistry, and physiotherapy. These activities made it possible to share the message of salvation with children, youth, adults, and the elderly. God worked in their hearts, and we began discipleship with the new believers and contacts. It was a time of unity and service, and the Church was mobilized and propelled by love for Christ and for souls.

During the next few weeks, Bible studies began in the different homes, and we saw the hand of God in every detail. Through a neighbor who lent us her patio, we were able to offer classes to many children, preparing them for the upcoming school year. At the same time, we studied the Word with them. The new mission celebrated its first service on July 24: it was a day full of joy as we witnessed everyone worshiping God.

We continued to evangelize using the Jesus Film, and more families received the message of hope. As the days passed, we grew worried, since we no longer had a place available to continue holding services. But God moved, and through a new believer, we found a new place to meet. She was a neighbor who – on the other side of the wall that divided the house – heard the praises of the morning service, and she herself decided to join the group, receiving Christ in her heart. Without a doubt, God continued to surprise us and reminded us that He is in control of all things at all times.

We thank God for these 21 days of service. God transformed and restored lives in Valladolid and he continues to do so. He also spoke personally to the heart of each of the volunteer missionaries who have been called to serve him with their gifts. Let’s pray for them, pray for the Church of Valladolid, and let’s give all the glory to our God!

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