25 Ways to Impact Your City During a Pandemic

Two weeks ago I wrote about being a “glocal” church, and an upcoming regional activity that will put that concept in action: Mission Without Limits. Several people have asked since that time if they could see the list of ministry strategies or activities that we are urging our participants to incorporate in their communities. After consulting with leaders in different ministries and nations, this is the list we came up with. What other ideas would you add to the list? Undoubtedly not all of these will fit your context, but which two or three of these could you adopt in the coming weeks to reach your city – even during a pandemic?

Proposed activities to serve in the community:

  • Take walks of prayer and intercession for the community.
  • Walk the streets with music and evangelistic messages on banners.
  • Clean streets, parks and common areas.
  • Sanitize public spaces such as schools, community rooms, etc.
  • Do a socially distanced evangelistic/educational children’s show in the streets (clowns, puppets, etc.).
  • Perform dramas, pantomimes or skits on the main avenues and at traffic lights.
  • Organize a reforestation campaign in parks or green areas.
  • Deliver protection or hygiene kits.
  • Deliver kits of medications that do not require a prescription (for colds, vitamins, etc.).
  • Deliver kits of crafting activities for housewives or those quarantined at home.
  • Provide board games or recreational activities for families.
  • Prepare and distribute food to people economically affected by the crisis.
  • Deliver educational materials to help children in their classwork at home (study guides by grade, activity books, etc.).
  • Deliver packages of school supplies.
  • Deliver non-perishable packages of food staples.
  • Distribute clothes, toys, shoes or accessories in good condition.
  • Place personalized letters in the mailboxes of the houses with encouraging reflections and contact telephone numbers.
  • Give workshops in small groups or online on the use of digital platforms, healthy living, preparation of hygiene products, etc.
  • Give workshops in small groups or online on entrepreneurship, crafts or starting small businesses (making pastries, bags, embroidery, etc.
  • Provide school reinforcement programs and help for children and teenagers with homework.
  • Create an urban garden (give seeds, teach/guide in the sowing, caring, and harvest)
  • Give psychological and legal advice (attention and follow-up by phone and social networks)
  • Give coffee, or bottles of water to clinic and hospital staff
  • Give snacks or lunches to relatives of patients who are outside the Hospitals
  • Carry out memorial services for the victims who died from COVID-19 or another disease and were unable to carry out funerals for them.


You can download the list by clicking the following link:

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