Mission Without Limits: Focus on French Guiana and Guyana

By: Min. Timmeon Spencer, Field Global Missions Coordinator

In our previous post , we highlighted what God has done through Missions Without Limits in Caribbean Field, especially focusing on Barbados. Now we turn our attention to two other countries impacted by the event: French Guiana and Guyana.

French Guiana

A team of 11 people in French Guiana (which falls under the French Antilles District) set out to impact the large community of Kourou and revive a once-operational house church within that area. Their effort was one heavily burdened in prayer, as they spent four days of meeting and praying as a team via zoom before utilizing just one day for hands-on ministry. This concept was a powerful one as it demonstrated faith not in acts of man’s ability, but in that of the power of God through His Holy Spirit.

On that final day of ministry, they spent some time in prayer and worship at the house church in Kourou before heading into the community to minister to the residents. They gave out brochures, invited people to church services and celebrated with a member of the community who decided that he was going to choose Jesus over beer after being witnessed to by the team. We bless God for all that he will continue to do in the Kourou area.


The nation of Guyana had four sites; two in the Demerara-Essequibo District namely Bartica and Yarrowkabra, and two in the Berbice District, namely Lower Corentyne and Upper Corentyne.

Tara Mohan, site coordinator for Berbice reported that her team of three persons served at both locations on separate days. They shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with individuals as they walked through the communities: giving out tracks and reading materials to them, as well as dropping books in the mail boxes of homes with information on the Church of the Nazarene. All in all, they utilized the little resources that they had, and made the best use of them as true missionaries.

On the Demerara-Essequibo District, Rev. Krishna Singh praised God for all that they were able to do in Bartica with a team of 12 persons. They conducted a Vacation Bible School where 17 children received Christ as Lord and Savior, held 3 nights of evangelistic services where 20 persons committed their life to Christ, had a football competition, distributed food hampers and did work on the physical structure of the church. Furthermore, the same church which had been closed for over two years, now officially reopened on August 22nd, 2021, as a result of Mission Without Limits. We give God all the praise for this!

Finally, a team of 5 persons including site leader Min. Timmeon Spencer (Caribbean Field Global Missions Coordinator), accompanied by Rev. Augustus Andrews, Pastor Stephon Fraser and brothers Benjamin and Carlton Moore went to the Yarrowkabra site with the goals of reaching the people of the community through sports, compassion and the preached Word of God, while also re-opening the Yarrowkabra Church of the Nazarene that had been closed since March of 2020. Thanks be to God the Father for we were able to reach all of those goals. During their time in Yarrowkabra, they visited 50 homes, gave out 20 food hampers as well as bags of clothing and footwear.

They held sports clinics with various sporting activities at the church’s compound where many youths came daily to play and learn, and they were able to have sessions with them and minister to them there. Besides this they gave out Bibles to those who didn’t have any, offered pastoral counselling sessions with families, cleaned the church compound and surrounding areas, and organized a birthday celebration for one of the teenagers in the community who turned 14 years old. We give God praise for the evangelistic services as well that saw 40 to 50 people attend daily and 7 persons surrender their lives to God. We bless the Lord for Yarrowkabra, and we pray that the church continues to grow as they continue to meet weekly.

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